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li·cen·ti·ate (lī-sĕn′shē-ĭt) n. 1. One who is granted a license by an authorized body to practice a specified profession. 2. a. A degree from certain European and Canadian universities ranking just below that of a doctor. b. One holding such a degree. [Middle English, from Medieval Latin licentiātus, from past participle of licentiāre, to

Noun. One who has a license to exercise a profession; as, a licentiate in medicine or theology. A friar authorized  Jan 11, 2018 First of all, the licentiate isn't really a degree that you can study towards per master graduate to be a researcher in any definition of the word. English to Gujarati Meaning :: licentiate. Licentiate : Licentiate. Pronunciation: ( 2) After getting her licentiate degree in literature, she studied theology at  Dictionary Definition. licentiate n : holds a license (degree) from a (European) university.

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(Education) a degree between that of bachelor and doctor awarded now only by certain chiefly European universities. 3. Licentiate definition, a person who has received a license, as from a university, to practice an art or profession. See more. A licentiate (abbreviated Lic.) is a degree below that of a PhD given by universities in some countries.

Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms  A person who holds the academic degree of license. One who has a licence to exercise a profession.

What does Licentiatavhandling mean? Let's check what the community at Wikipedia thinks. På svenska: Licentiatexamen är i Sverige och Finland en akademisk 

More example sentences. ‘She is MTNA nationally certified in piano and music theory and earned the licentiate in piano teaching from The Royal Schools of Music.’. A person who holds the academic degree of license. One who has a licence to exercise a profession.

Licentiate meaning

Akademiska studier - English translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, Process after 4 or 5 years of study the academic degree of a Licentiate was reached.

Licentiate meaning

We have a Chrome Extension and an Android App licentiate - Meaning in Tamil, what is meaning of licentiate in Tamil dictionary, pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of licentiate in Tamil and English. licentiate [li-sen´she-āt] one holding a license from an authorized agency giving the right to practice a particular profession. Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Other Refferences : The Definition Merriam Webster Wikipedia Share This Meaning : Show English Meaning Noun (1) holds a license (degree, European Licentiate definition: a person who has received a formal attestation of professional competence to practise a | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples licentiate: Meaning and Definition of. Find definitions for: li•cen•ti•ate. Pronunciation: (lī-sen'shē-it, -āt"), — n. a person who has received a license This video shows you how to pronounce Licentiate English to Pashto Dictionary (Free).

noun. 1 The holder of a certificate of competence to practise a particular profession. ‘licentiates in ‘Aerial Survey Photography and Photogrammetry’’. More example sentences. ‘a licentiate member’.
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Architecture 8th Stockholm Archipelago Lecture: What should socialism mean in the 21st century? An ecofeminist view.

2. in certain European and Canadian universities, an academic degree between that of bachelor and that of doctor.
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Tim Foster, Assistant Professor/Senior Lecturer at. Luleå Tekniska Universitet. 15.30 Passionsvarumäken- det  firms in supply chains, and is based on research presented in my licentiate thesisR.